Selling Structured Settlements: Advice from the Expert Roundtable

Winning a lawsuit is a great victory. However, after a judgment is obtained at trial, the issue of payment on the judgment still remains. Structured settlements which allow defendants to purchase annuities to pay a judgment in installments over time have become increasingly more common, even in smaller-scale cases under $50,000. This requires that plaintiffs […]

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The Tide Has Turned for Employees

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court may have ended the upswing in workplace discrimination and retaliation claims after ruling in favor of the employer in two recent Title VII employment retaliation and discrimination cases, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar and Vance v. Ball State University. In the first case, the Supreme […]

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What is public legal education?

Public legal education (PLE), or what in the United States is sometimes called community legal education (CLE), seeks to empower the public with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to successfully resolve their legal problems.  Public legal education consists of various types of activities intended to build public awareness and skills related to law and the legal system. Canada […]

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